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Our Need

Dear Friends of Fall to Worship,

F2W6, the sixth annual Fall to Worship Music & Ministry Event, will be held at the Lakeview Park Amphitheater in Nampa, Idaho, on Saturday, September 21st at 3:00pm. It is a free, outreaching, God-centered worship music event intended not only to bring believers together, but also to reach out through music to those who don’t know our Lord. The event will provide a platform for local organizations to present their mission to the community while feeding people both spiritually and physically.

This year’s program will feature music from Gotee Records artist Ryan Stevenson. Missions organizations and local businesses will meet and greet the community through booths at the park and local youth groups and Christian schools will be organizing a food drive to benefit the The Community Storehouse Outreach. The Storehouse is a volunteer organization serving the community by providing food to the poor and neighborhood fellowship that helps draw our community together as a family. Their message is simple – the Gospel. Sharing the love of Christ through demonstration and discussion they are providing personal contact to reach those who are hurting and searching and reaching those who may never darken the doorways of a church building, for whatever reason.

For more information about Fall to Worship, we encourage you to contact us here.


We would be grateful for your help! This event could not be realized without the help and prayers of our sponsors and volunteers. The goal of offering a free event stems from the desire to include everyone in the community. Your dollar contributions directly offset expenses for the non-profit event. Your generous sponsorship would be highlighted by:

- Links to your organization from the Fall to Worship web site and recognition of partnership
- Your sponsorship recognized during the event
- An opportunity to participate at the event with a booth for your organization
- Opportunity to place signage/banners recognizing your organization at the event

This event is a great opportunity to meet and greet people from within this community. We would love for you to attend!!

We thank you for your time and your willingness to consider a way in which you can help with this outreach. You may contact us via our contact form here if you have any questions. Thank you, and may God bless you.